Choosing An LG LCD TV

With the explosion in the popularity of the home cinema market in the last few years, advances in technology in this area has made it even easier to surround yourself with the latest gadgets at a relatively inexpensive cost. One such field in particular is that of liquid crystal display (LCD) TV’s, and Korean manufacturer LG is one of the leading examples.

With a philosophy to give users of their products both practicality and beauty, the latest generation of LCD TV’s from LG are some of the finest on the market today. Since LCD offers the best picture quality currently available, it’s become the product of choice for the knowledgeable consumer, and the models from LG are testament to this, whether it’s their flagship model or the lowest-cost entry version.

One of the ways that LG has improved the picture even further on their sets is through their XD Engine technology. With this feature, you can experience the true benefit of digital TV – colors are more vibrant, the clarity of picture on display is crystal clear, and the sound is immaculate. On the LG 42LB1DB model, one of the company’s flagships, this is further enhanced with features such as:

· 3D Digital Comb Filter, which ensures softer and more natural images

· DCDi High Quality Picture, essential when watching High Definition programming

· S-IPS, allowing a wider viewing angle for different seating positions

· SRS (TruSurround XT) for the most dynamic sound quality available

· Intelligent Eye, which will automatically adjust the screen to the lighting in your room

Yet it’s not just the larger LG LCD TV’s that benefit from the latest technology. Even their entry point model, the 15LW1R, benefits from the XD Engine enhancements. Not only that, but it also features:

· DCDi High Quality Picture

· Digital Comb Filter

· Digital Audio Surround Processor (DASP), which creates immersive sound

Another feature that LG has introduced to its LCD TV’s is that of the Electronic Picture Frame, or EPF. With this ingenious design, users can now look at their digital photographs in the largest way possible, especially if you have one of the 42″ models. By letting you insert a memory card from your digital camera into the allotted slot on your LCD TV, LG have given you a convenient tool and present your favorite photos as a slide show. You can even listen to MP3 music using EPF, for added relaxation.

With the option to hang your LCD TV on the wall with the slim and stylish design preventing the set from looking obtrusive, as well as the myriad of features and benefits LG have incorporated, there really is no better time than present for adding one of these beautiful TV’s into your own living space.


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