Connect PC To TV

How do you connect PC to TV? What are the tools that you need or is there any software necessary to accomplish this?

To have a connection between your pc and TV you would need a PC to TV cable which would serve as a converter. The TV cable is a cord which connects to the pc and outputs the image coming from the monitor to the television which the other cable end is connected. This would allow you to watch internet TV or DVD in your PC DVD drive but the viewing would be seen on the TV. It’s like making your TV a huge monitor for your PC where you can actually surf the Net, view pictures and many more. If you enjoy home entertainment, or love to watch movies at home, this is the initial move to making a Home Theatre PC.

There are various kinds of PC to TV cables, each function in somewhat dissimilar ways. One of the known differences between cables is the way it is connected to the PC. This can be done on the outputs of the computers video card wherein the monitor is connected. Another cause of differences between cables is the way it is connected to the television; they have types of TV input connections. The third reason is because some cables serves as converters. A regular PC/TV cable simply directs what’s on the PC to the television. But if you have a modernized TV with several enhancement options and your PC is well upgraded, then you might be able to manipulate on how to make the images appear better on the TV screen. If the cable is a converter then the images will automatically be adjusted, meaning you don’t need to change any settings on your PC or TV. You simply need to plug the cable and watch the videos on your TV. These types of cables usually necessitate a power source like USB port from your pc.

What must you do to connect PC to TV? What you need to do is connect the USB cord of the PC to TV cable into its matching port on your computer. Next is to link the VGA Y-cord’s blue connector marked as “PC” to the monitor or VGA port that can be found at the back of your computer. You could either link the composite video which is indicated through a yellow RCA jack or an S-Video which is a pure black 4-pin connection output to an S-Video cable or composite video cable. Not to worry if you lack a video cable as this is easily available at any hardware or electronics store. You must link the VGA monitor cord with the VGA Y-cord’s blue connector marked as “monitor”. If you are using a laptop then the end connector which is marked as “monitor” cannot be used. You must connect the video cable end with the video input of the TV or projector or any other equipment that you will utilize. You can toggle the input display to match with the input video that you’re going to use. With the toggle option you can control the input to display whatever you prefer the TV to display. Each TV differs from the other so you could refer the TV user guide for further instructions. Finally you could turn on the PC and let it boot up for you to see the result.


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