Cheap Laptops: How to Buy the Right One

Cheap and inexpensive laptops are available plenty in number in the market.  While buying laptops, price factor alone should not limit the purchase.  Cheap laptops are made available to the consumer to suit the budget as well as specific requirements.  The person buying a laptop should be very clear regarding the required features, options and then conduct a search to match his needs.  The place of purchasing cheap laptops is also important.  There are various sources from which a person can buy cheap laptops. Out of all the sources, Internet is considered to be the best place to purchase laptops.  A same laptop model can be sold at different prices in different websites.  The purchaser can easily select the one with a lesser price easily.  Also it is better to avoid impulse purchase as far as laptops are concerned, since it is impossible for a lay man to comprehend the hi-tech lingo associated with laptop computers like the flat panel TFT, WiFi connectivity, wireless and many more features.

Features to be considered before buying cheap laptops:

Processor of the laptop:   A processor is very important to run applications and to perform on-screen tasks.  The processor should not be less than 1.4 GHz as it may affect the quick performance of the laptop.  For day today operation using word processing, e-mail, spread sheets etc the above processor speed is enough.  When Pentium processors are bought they assure a longer battery life and at the same time they are quick.

Screen size of the cheap laptops should not be less than 12.1 inches.  The screen size of laptops is measured diagonally.  The larger the screen size, the higher the resolution, making it easy for viewing more information all at once.

Laptops should have a good battery life as they are carried with the operator for presentations, or for calculations whenever and wherever they are required.  A laptop with a good battery life should be able to perform jobs ranging from 3 to 7 hours of non stop work without any electrical charge required in between.  Lithium ion rechargeable batteries are an ideal choice.

The hard drive capacity is very important to store large amount of data on to the laptops.  A cheap laptop can be chosen with a hard drive capacity ranging from 20 GB to 40 GB depending on the person’s usage.

The keyboards of laptops are different from those of the desktop computers.  The keys on the keypad are relatively smaller and are packed closely with each other.  Hence, it is very important to see if it can be handled comfortably before purchasing a cheap laptop.

Touchpad or pointing stick inbuilt with a laptop can be more very useful than a mouse connected via USB port.  Two USB ports are more than enough for a cheap laptop; in case more ports are required the user can use an external USB hub.

The ideal weight of the laptops should be between 4 – 10 pounds, never go for a more weighing laptop even if it comes for a very cheap amount.  In order to reduce the weight of the laptops, external CD drives can be used.  For communications a built in Ethernet port is more ideal than the serial ports or infrared ports.


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