Barcode ribbon employs a newly system designated RibbonRation

Barcode ribbon employs a newly patented thermal transfer ribbon conservation system designated RibbonRation. This feature is said to reduce usage of expensive thermal transfer ribbon by 50% or more. We produce our products using only high quality raw materials and employ many skilled employees and technicians. Our factory can provide the most preferential profit to customers all over the world with competitive prices and high quality items. We produce our products using only high quality raw materials and employ many skilled employees and technicians.

Barcode ribbon and fax ink film are just some of the office supplies that make it possible for you to do your work properly. It is of high importance, when you work in an office to be able to transmit information in different ways. When information has to be sent from one place to another, under a form that has to be put on paper, fax ink film and barcode ribbon are essential to you. Contacts, pictures, deeds or many other valuable papers are now sent by fax in just a few seconds time. But to be able to do this properly, fax ink film must not be missing from your desk. And not only that, but these supplies also have to be the best.

Modern man has come a long way since the times of ancient papyrus and mural paintings. In today’s time and world, we tend to have lot facilities that we have made for our selves to better cope with all the standards that we have put up. Modern technology and ingenuity has helped us develop a lot of useful things to help us with the modern day life and problems that we encounter in our lives. Having to sustain the society that we have created one must develop certain ways to do that: this days we benefit from a lot of things like modern manufacturing. To further increase the productivity and the results of office work people have developed a way to speed things up. Besides the normal very used computers, a lot of expendables have to be used for a proper work to be done. One of the most expendables is barcode ribbon (or better known as bar code ribbon). Some of the branded names available in the supermarket stores are Prinzet, Sonoroll, Sono-roll, Sonofilm and Sono.

Some of the best on the market today are wax and resin ribbons. It has been proven that they are the most reliable and practical on the market. Wax ribbon has been made in such a way that they contain a lot of wax based materials in their colorant substance. It has been made this way because the wax has a lower melting point thus the energy required to print the ink being lower. Waxes have been showed to be more efficient than resins in the usage of bar code. On the other hand the down side would be the fact that the durability of wax is smaller than in the case of resins. This is because wax is softer than resin and the fact that it is made with only one layer of colorant. Testing and a lot of using of wax ribbons has shown that they are best used at general purpose labeling, and other general activities that do not require coated substrates, matte coated substrates and other film based tagging. The best usage for this kind would be in the situations where the time needed to print the image on the label is very small and also if the life of the label is of short term.


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